Should I do the leg and glute workouts back to back? 

Two to three days in between leg/glute workouts should suffice. You can lift other body parts and groups on these days as well as do the cardio/hiit regime.


Can I do the workout programs from home? 

Be sure to check out the list of equipment needed for the program. If you have that equipment at home, you can. However, the programs are designed to be gym based.


Is there a way to share my progress pictures with Briana? 

Absolutely. Snapchat is a great platform to share these with Briana. Briana's snapchat account is: bribaebee33. It is important to wear similar clothing, have similar lighting/background, and to pose the same for before/after photos. 

How long are the workout programs? 

It will depend on the program. The Glute Guide is 12 weeks long.


Are the programs challenging?

I recommend that you are prepared to mentally and physically commit yourself before starting this program. The programs are designed to be intermediate level of training. The workouts are high intensity & provide a structured and innovative way for you to train. The exercises within this program vary greatly. 


How long is the leg/glute workout programs? How many workouts are there per week? 

The program is 12 weeks long. There are two leg/glute workouts per week as well (as specified cardio or hiit training three times a week. There should be enough days in between workouts to allow for recovery.


How long are the workouts generally? 

This will depend on the program. For the Glute Guide, if you monitor your rest time properly, you  should be able to complete the program within an hour or so.


Is there a meal plan included with the program? 

At this point in time, I do not offer meal plans, however, I do provide a Healthy Eats Program alongside the Glute Guide and Advanced Glute Guide. This will go over how to set up your caloric/macro intake based off your fitness goals,  recommended water intake, fiber intake, flexible dieting tips, 80/20 rule of thumb, and a sample grocery list for a list of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs.


How soon will I see results? 

Results will vary with each individual.