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The 8 Weeks Home Glute Guide is a home based glute building/toning program that focuses on two intense leg/glute workouts per week of training. It even includes a cardio/high intensity interval training regime which will compliment the resistance training workouts and help keep your legs/glutes toned and shapely. Included is a selection of glute activation videos as well as videos that accompany each weight training session so you can fully understand the proper form and have a visual representation for each exercise.

Throughout the program, key topics are discussed in detail such as: the importance of strong glutes, warm-ups, glute activation, the difference between overload and progression, how to select the proper weight training load, recovery mechanisms, and how to take body measurements and track your results. There is even a glossary covering popular fitness terminology. The length of the ebook with the Healthy Eats included is 67 pages.

This program incorporates nutrition as well. The Healthy Eats Ebook is included at no additional cost to you. It will cover or define the following: flexible dieting (you do not have to follow this to get results), macronutrients as well as micronutrients, protein/fat/carb intake, the importance of fiber and how much is recommended to consume daily, how to calculate your caloric intake based on your fitness goals (caloric deficit, maintenance, caloric surplus), and finally a sample grocery list (good sources of lean protein, carbs, fats, and beverages to drink). It even contains BONUS content which covers the following: 17 tasty & efficient protein packed meals, easy portion control method, suggested supplements, and more.

This program is designed to challenge you and offer a structured and innovative way to train to help you get the results you are looking for. It is suitable for those who are ready to take their transformation to the next level within the comfort of their home.

The following equipment is included in this program: ankle weights, bench (or platform of some sort), dumbbells, glute bands or mini bands.

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